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tv   [untitled]    April 7, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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specifically works around schools >> is there a contact or a website we can go to? >> why don't i say you start with me. it's under riccardo. the most basic way to get started and having a conversation of what's possible and not possible >> s e l e ta. reynolds. and at s for example so the outcome of a walking
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audit is usually a long list of things from a stop sign to paint some red curb over here or we want a road diet we want this 4 lanes to be 3 lanes or we want a crossing guard. each one of those requests is inincumbent upon the person walking around. through there is a judgment loophole but it would be sent to a group of engineers and their ways to kind of push that over time as you described.
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road diets i, you know, they can range in cost from $100,000 to a million dollars so it depends upon the complexity. it might be have to be rolled into a larger project. it could take some time. i also think it could be used full a connect some of the schools on the district representative. so there's a good sort of on going discussion about the needs because that coalition really does drive a lot of funding decisions >> having is there a list of school representatives that's
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handy? >> the coalition does not have seats by district. yes representatives. >> can we get a list of everyone that's on the coalition? >> yes, it's generally for representatives of the department of public health and the wide bike program from presidio. the school districts and shape up s >> it would be great to get the list of the names.
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commissioner >> while it's wonderful that this stuff is being done i'm not sure so sure it's aligned with our facilities planning. it seems it would be nice if we knew which schools had traffic management problems that are about to increase go projects. i can think of a few schools where the opposite of what you described that is schools in residential areas where the streets are wide and it's perfectly okay for the parents to stop and the traffic does not
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move that quickly. so for to allow for turn outs for people to get out of the streets and i never hear those things discussed when we're talking about our projects. so i request that we found out if that can be done but i don't think it's being done so that instead of actually relying on the wonderful work done by school agencies doing things for each other we could do things together. so if we're remodeling and there's not enough money in the traffic combing funding funds to know we tear that up and do
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something else if we could do it early on more modernization projects. so i would like to i guess at sometime it could be done through our staff but get a report so we could the the efforts being made. thank you >> just i have if i could just the funding we have access to can't be used on school grounds. 90 percent of the promotions we're trying to resolve it wasn't anticipated the exact the
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situation your describing if people are double parking or making u-turns in the middle of the road. i think it's a great idea to bring groups together >> so in terms of what we have before us today. what's the best way to help or get the feedback until the next round of applications >> do i mean the next round of traffic combing applications? >> the application based program is almost ready tow reopen but that's for residential traffic combing. then the arresting material basis program is where we think
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we can make our there's go further. and then the school based on program the funding won't be freed up for another three or four years for us to be able to use it in this way. so the best way to integrate the feedback that it be application based that we have a application process that the school districts can apply. in terms of the school being confused of how to get their hands on the funding. the way we could do this is take the fund now and when it's ready to be unleashed maybe we could
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come back in another 5 most and say here's our proposal how the funding could with work and is that something that is interesting to you? >> what has been identified for the program? there's a program that is based on retiming signals down to 20 miles per hour give or take where they're now minded for thirty miles per hour. so for our pilot we wanted to start with a mix of hard and easier -
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>> so the schools that are on those corridors. do you have a sense of what schools come off those corridors? >> no, i don't have a list. we went through an exhaust process and we could share the process of the segments we picked >> the one thing about the feedback i don't think it's a terrible idea but some schools have a strong pta organization
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and, you know, schools that may have equal needs if not more may not only be able to do that. so i think it's important to - i'd like it to be some initiative with that you can leverage the existing resources that they have whether they've applied for the grants but i think it's important to come back to this committee. i think we may have mentioned a couple of - that's just so many of the initial feedback that i have. i think for me it would be helpful to get a sense of a little bit of the history in
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terms of what our departments have been funding in and around all our public schools and to get a sense of what is successful what is the effective use of our dollars either there the tracks and the school tracks so we he can better give feedback in terms of how we can coordinate our efforts >> we can have a list or map of some sense of whether or not they've reduced crashes or slowed down speeds. >> so the schools where we do have a lot of walking participation and schools that could have walking participation
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it's hard not to imagine it without a paper. >> are there any other comments? seeing none we'll open this open for public comments >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is ronnie i'm with the city attorney's office. we have started a pilot program with have started with some limited scope investigation and assistance from the police department at the terry district. we've asked the officers to go
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out and do some investigations in the area as to travel combing measures we can collectively participating in without pooling a great amount of funding together. a few months ago we did a scan of the area and pit together an actual power point presentation of what the traffic flow in the area looks like and what the traffic safety is in the area and improvements we account put together with limited resources. i'm happy to address this may be in a smaller meeting. we have 5 assistant district
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attorneys. we have actually implemented some of the safety measures we have applied for multiple guards in that district. we have over 5 hundred children at that scalds. i've been working with private and public schools to include everybody. >> you mentioned something - >> we call it the 3 e's education, environment and enforcement. i don't want to steal others thunder but we try to get the fringes the schools involved
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we've had 3 meeting with 5 principles in the schools in attendance. we're trying to expand the program to the other districts. we try to get some of the school districts to put some funds or the resources. >> and you may not know the answer to us but have you be able to work with the passenger door enforcement? >> we did an increment trial at the two schools and we were very effective. a letter from the police department rirmentd parents that we were subject to travel enforcement and we had again drop off and pick up are two of
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the most important times we tend to see some of this behavior and sometimes the parents are part of the problem. as a parents with children in a school i have been impacted on a private and public problem. i've worked somewhat with balboa but on the traffic division. i was assigned to a juvenile department for a while. >> i've been concerned that they have been involved themselves in managing their own
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traffic safety program vs. the city helping out and it seems to be difficult for the parents to be able to do on a voluntary basis and were trying to get additional traffic guards. >> i attend all the meeting and the traffic issue was addressed. what we're trying to do is get a parent group together but again captain and i have been trying to get more enforcement. it's a large district so what we're going to try to do is get some traffic officers to help us with the enforcement. but we normally get requests
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from the scald and they will try to do random traffic enforcement but i think we could do a larger scale. i was a pilot da the - the areas of a lot of the schools in our districts are it's even more difficult some of the districts that are for the larger projects and some of the other schools the collaboration will work well, and hopefully, will take away from the schools so we can put that money to work on larger projects >> are there any other speakers?
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>> my name is bert. i left my copy of something i was the national bike summit easily this month. it uses a number of school districts as examples. i want to cover the other end that was alluded to. it's not so much the traffic it's dealing with traffic itself. i don't know if you're away aware but the book noted a study said that the morning traffic is related to driving students to school a huge amount.
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i note it the transportation plan for the excuse me. assigned to the schools is handled by superintendent but it doesn't seem to cross over like secan does that looked at associate projects this seems to be a separate plan that relates only to students. with that i want to ask - point out that we really need to look at the traffic problem as a whole and the effect from sdurnl safety routes to school and was noted that a lot of the traffic nationally is from parents picking up and dropping off their kids.
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so with that purchase. i was a crossing guard >> can you finish your statement. >> when i was a young child i was a crossing guard it was the most thrilling thing i ever had did and i think we should start a enlist students with the parents because their wonderful to see a young person holding the flag out it gets them involved in the process. i am open to questions. does anyone have any questions? >> it's a general question probably for city staff and that is well, i'll wait until after
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public comment. are there any other members that wish to speak in. seeing none it's closed >> about a month ago the department was doing an outreach at my school it was about how to have alternatives to driving andlogically e anything's it was from a totally environmental prospective and just having this i was wondering if there's collaboration between our department and the department of the environment because that's a great way to merger resources. if that was part of the presentation i apologize it that's the case.
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i am familiar with that campaign and that's the representative from the st. environment that's a format in which we all work i together and are able to target schools in multiple programs and also to do information sharing. but there are killer programs that will be studying those programs. >> i was thinking of it because that program is around trying to reduce car traffic and there are issues of cars piling up around our schools. people don't follow the rules exactly their drop off sites that are convenient but not the safety around the schools.
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i was curious. thank you >> seeing no further comments or questions. i'm going to ask this committee if we can continue to the call of the chair. i think several of us are very interested and i'm looking forward to that so if we can have a motion to continue this motion to the chair. i believe we'll do that without opposition. thank you for s fta. madam call item 2 >> to hear the controls office and unified school district on the expenditure plan and reauthorization.
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>> when we had scheduled this item we had overlooked this is spring break week so many of the members from the districts are not here for this presentation so we have a request to continue this to the next agenda. are there any comments or questions? >> can we have a motion to continue this to those chair. madam clerk are there any other items? >> no further items. >> the
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>> the renovation of balboa park, the oldest in the city of san francisco, and now it is the newest part in the city of san francisco. through our partnership, and because of public investment from the two thousand eight fund, we are celebrating a renewal and an awakening of this park. we have it safer, happier, more joyous. >> 3, 2, 1, [laughter]
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=--[applause] >> it is a great resource for families, to have fun in the city, recreation. >> this is an amazing park. we have not revitalized it without public and private investment. the critical piece of the process of this renovation was that it was all about the community. we reached out to everyone in this community. we love this park dearly and they all had thoughts and ideas and they wanted to bring their own creativity and their personality to bear on the design. what you see is what the community wanted. these ideas all came from the residents of this community. as a result, there is a sense of
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ownership, pride and responsibility that goes along with what is going to be an exciting park.